SC2Ranks API Documentation

Getting Started

If you are just getting started with the API, check out the Usage and Authentication pages.

V1 -> V2 Changes

The V2 API is a complete rewrite of the original SC2Ranks API and has nothing in common with the V1 API beyond the fact that they both use HTTP.

  • JSON is the only data type that can be returned
  • API Keys are now required and can be automatically generated, check out Authentication for details
  • Requests are no longer cached and will always return the most to date data
  • Returns data no longer requires remapping between random ints, regions, everything uses simple constants like "grandmaster" or "am" as well as an API to return a constant -> text to make integrations easier
  • API returns are consistent, returning teams from a division, clan or character returns the same data making it easier to parse
  • Most site functionality can now be accessed via the API, such as rankings, divisions and clans. In addition to the other V1 calls such as characters and custom divisions